Category: IT

  • New Unit

    New Unit

    Over the past few months we have been working hard on getting our new premises ready for term 6. We acquired a new unit offering a space to grow and develop our pupils opportunities. We now have dedicated Technology suite, Art therapy space, designated classrooms, a stunning thrive room, dining area, Design technology space and…

  • Lego Programming

    Lego Programming



    One of our students was keen to continue to engage with the Lego modeling and programming. He started by building his own model but was persuaded to start to program the ‘Ferris wheel’. He was able to change the speed of the model, add and update sound as well as program the lights.

  • Laptop Screen Fixing!

    Laptop Screen Fixing!



    One of our students was keen to continue to fault-find and repair her laptop. She proceeded to (mostly) independently disassemble the remaining screen and identify the connector that had become unattached. After successfully finding the disassembled lead she did the process in reverse and re-assembled her laptop, complete with a fixed screen!