All of our creative technology projects follow a structure that introduces students to key concepts, allowing them to build up their knowledge and skills over time. We use a wide range of innovative, Industry standard technology to achieve success.

Computer science is the study of computers, both hardware and software and devices. We are able to offer the opportunity to build your own computer, program games, create 3D models, and explore new technologies.

Using laser cutters, 3D printing, and design software, students will have the opportunity to develop enterprise projects. Exploring business, design, and e-commerce students are challenged to enhance their design skills within a creative environment.

Using visual arts such as green screen film editing and new media, our learning sessions explore how creativity shapes new technologies and supports the self-expression of our learners.

Our art projects offer students a diverse and exciting platform to express themselves fully. Using a wide range of resources our students can learn techniques to better their understanding and nourish their individual artistic flair.