Some students require further intervention to support their individual needs. Our trained thrive practitioner will work with these children through individual or group sessions, to ensure a safe space for growth.

Some of the difficulties these children may have include:

  • Difficulties with friendships
  • Finding it hard to settle into the classroom routine/structure.
  • Finding it difficult to manage their strong feelings.
  • Not knowing who to turn to when feelings are too big to manage independently.

    These situations can lead to many feelings, which can sometimes feel overwhelming. They might include: anger, frustration, sadness, loneliness, confusion, or anxiety. All these feelings are very normal and are felt by many students.

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“No hood again, this is the first time he has been without his hood for as long as I can remember, even our family Christmas meal we managed to get through without a hood.”

—Parent quote
  • Support with social and emotional issues that can be accessed through whole class Thrive activities, work with all staff and their peers.
  • A structured and personalised approach with time both in and out of the classroom using thrive strategies and activities, often based in the Quiet room with our thrive Practitioner.
  • Daily focused and regular interventions to support difficulties they may be experiencing. This will include personalised thrive activities, a personalised timetable and some alternative bespoke provision.